Custom Clothing. Simple Process.

We make high end custom clothing that fits around your schedule.

Any Fit. Any Style. Any Occasion.


Your Time Is Valuable.

To valuable in fact to spend it shopping for clothes. We make the process easy and simple. We can pick for you or you can pick with us. Our Stylist & Designers are ready to save you time.

Dozens of careful and exact measurements guarantee that every garment is tailored and fitted to your body, with your own style and personal taste added in. Every garment is one of a kind.

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Being on television and in the media, it is important for me to look good and look professional. I have achieved that with JT Vinson and your help. I not only look good but I am extremely comfortable. I am always on the go covering major sporting events and the convenience that you provide me with is my top priority. I can order what I want, when I want and get it right at my door.

-Brady Ackerman, Ocala FL

I really like the fact that you keep all of my suits and shirts on file, so that you know what I have and what I need and where I stand clothes-wise at all times…glad to hear your business is growing…Remember, Billy Dovovan uses the same tailor that I do, not the other way around!

-Michael Killea, Jacksonville FL

I am writing to express my satisfaction with James Taylor Vinson Co. Your personal commitment to customer service, sincere understanding of and appreciation for your client’s requirements and preferences, and attention to providing a quality product for the right price make it a pleasure to deal with you over your facing competitors here in Northeast Florida.

-Hal B. Lewis, Tallahassee FL